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THE MATRIX: of INT'L CRIME: What Does CIA Have to Do with Drugs?

In the Cold War era and still today, Black Ops are run under the table with money from questionable or unknown sources. If they weren't, it would be easy for foreign agents to simply look up projects in the budget and deduce their nature and scope. This Catch-22 has led to abuses of power, manipulation of segments of the US population with influxes of street drugs, and corruption at the highest levels, according to inside sources. Air America, the French Connection and Iran/Contra are among the most famous examples of this duplicity.

Category: MiscellaneousDate published: April 16, 2005
Did E-Systems Provide Cover for the Transportation of Cocaine into the US during the Early 1990's?
by Gary Revel

I received an email recently from former CIA employee and author of the upcoming `Black Man in the CIA', Leutrell Osborne. It contained the context of an article of sorts by David Hoffman about US Government corruption including drug running, murder and cover-up promulgated by National Security Operations. Of the numerous charges I read some were very familiar in the manner of execution. Below you will find some of the information including a little commentary and opinion of how it relates to me today:

E-Systems whistleblower, Michele Cooper, had gone to Danny James, FBI Deputy Director Buck Revell's subordinate at the FBI's National Security Section with allegations of national security violations at E-Systems. For her honesty, James threatened to file charges against her - a standard FBI/DoJ tactic to silence whistleblowers. Michele Cooper and her son wound up dead. She and other E-Systems whistleblowers alleged various complaints of extreme harassment, surveillance, break-ins, death threats, murder and attempted murder. All three former employees told about approximately half-a-dozen murders connected to rumoured NSA domestic special operations that involved the 'President George Bush inspired Oliver North; CIA/NSC illegal guns-for-drugs operation'. These were all guarded and protected by the DOJ and DOD in that nothing "illegal" was going on.

It was said that those running the operation could take care of business; "if they really want to get to you they murder you or your family members." Those who were fingering President George Bush, Oliver North and former NSA Director and CIA Deputy Director Bobby Ray Inman as being connected were all taken out. The inside sentiment remains that it was a National Security operation and vital to the safety of the United States of America. Flooding US city streets with cocaine was vital for the safety of the USA???

This was an early 1990's demonstration of the power of the elite. The same kind of power that took out JFK, MLK and RFK. President Diwight D. Eisenhower warned in his farewell address; "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." This warning echoes down the halls of history, especially today.

The Secret Service removed President Kennedy's protective bubble from his limousine on the day of his assassination; they failed to secure the windows and rooftops along the parade route which was a vital part of standard Presidential Security and they changed the President's route at the last minute. This is the kind of thing only the government - or shadow elements within the government - had the capability of pulling off. No "lone nut", criminal syndicate or even the Mafia could order such last-minute operational changes, or orchestrate a massive and well-executed cover-up of the operation. CBS, Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite's immediate reporting of 3 shots and Oswald worked together with the conspirators to fulfill the JFK assassination plan. In an unprecedented move President John Kennedy, who had not been happy with CIA Director Allen Dulles, asked him leave the agency because of the Bay of Pigs failure. After the assassination President Lyndon Johnson appointed former CIA Director Allen Dulles to the Warren Commission. Even today major media news organizations are used to further powerful corrupt officials and their criminal operations that are veiled as typical government business. Often we hear high praise of how `journalists' are our last hope for protection against government corruption when often as not the same `journalists' are used to help execute and cover-up continuing criminal operations ran by others including the government itself.

As I proceed with the development of a motion picture about my investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I am often reminded of the danger therein. Some have gone so far as to tell me that now President George Bush does not want my movie made. Some have even reminded me of the untimely mysterious deaths of my brother, friend and cousin's husband Ivan Riley and former FBI Director of Domestic Intelligence William Sullivan. Even the press support of the sabotage of the investigation cannot escape my thoughts. Still others say that my story is an important piece of history that must be told and would be told best in a feature motion picture. 

Disclaimer: The Views and Information expressed on this webpage are that of the Author and do not necessarily reflect the views, data, policies, endorsement or support of Leutrell Osborne.

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After having his life threatened numerous time, Michael Ruppert has left the United States and says he will no longer engage in investigative reporting.