Freedom Program

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Freedom Program

What We Need is Collective Intelligence

The Truth Committee program has now been put under the Freedom Program. The Truth Committee is the program that covered my work on re-opening the investigation of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Seems as if there is still some very strong disbelief about James Earl Ray and Lloyd Jowers not being the perpetrators. I am looking forward to learning more about that.

I find it fascinating to begin developing the Freedom Program without getting back to those activities and institutions that have caused our freedoms to be reduced. I have developed a Freedom Program to counter those activities reducing the freedoms. In my paradigm that includes govt dirty tricks such as Cointel Pro. What do you say?

I am sure you all are aware of The End Game? How about looking at this link and especially the Boxer video: that talks about what the US is doing to health human beings? For me there is relevancy in countering adversities to health just as much as it is to countering the continue jailing and maintainance of a penal system that adversely impacts the under served in the USA.

Transpartisan Policy Institute is in a state of

 stasis but the links there are valuable and living. Extensive
libraries of
pdf's and ppt presentations on open source intelligence. Another link
in this lieu is We have seminars
symposiums and lots of online materials for teaching the new
intelligence paradigm.

Google Blogs Alert for: Cointel Pro

Capitalism, COINTELPRO, and the Torture of Justice
By Friends of Leonard Peltier
COINTELPRO existed and continues to exist under various guises, and its stated purpose is to “frame, murder, imprison, discredit, and neutralize” those political activists, especially Black, Red, and Brown activists and organizations ...
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Political Persecution
By admin
As this racist government relied on a similar form of despotism, through their infamous COINTELPRO program (FBI), that was run by it’s head tyrant, J. Edgar Hoover, among others. COINTELPRO’s central task was to target/persecute those ...
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