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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Osborne & Paragon Security Agency

There is a perception that once someone is CIA, they are always CIA; what is your current relationship with the Agency?

"People can keep and have what they want to believe. Most recently the challenge for me has been to prove that I had service with CIA. My 25 year certificate is not enough. CIA will provide proof of employment however. I don't work for nor have strong contact at the Agency. I do have my network of friends who have worked there before. Linkedin has been an excellent tool for me to connect with some former Agency types who I didn't even know in the Agency. As the saying goes, I am a free Spirit without a connection, not greater than any other former employee.”


What led to your disillusionment with covert actions and governmental intelligence agencies, in general?

“Over the years my objections to Covert Action intelligence operations have come more from the knowing that most often these operations "fail." My tude is that there can be greater Congressional oversight especially since anyone or more of the 16 government agencies and departments may be able to conduct Covert Action intelligence operations.”


Has there been any personal "blowback" for you for publically pursuing these touchy investigations?

“Yes and the market indicates that there probably will be more as I get into more issues especially in the re-opening of the investigation on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”


How does the formation of Paragon Security Agency, your privatized risk-assessment and counter-terrorism squad for individuals, groups and governments relate to your quest for "truth and justice"?

”I would change the term counter-terrorism to counter intelligence since that term is more encompassing. Now PSA's focus on risk assessment also has been re-written a little because the words are so elusive and challenging. Let's say that PSA identifies, analyzesand counters safety and security threats. Do these types of activities enable PSA to accomplish results that many other firms may not be able to accomplish.”

GLOSSARY of Shadowslang

BACK POCKET AGENT: Nefarious agent or asset, loosely associated to the Company. The key is an "agent" has a narrow meaning and in the espionage business one ought not use words and terms that are loose and goosey. An agent generally is paid and proven. An asset may not be paid nor in agreement with the nation state. Yes the company is the CIA but remember espionage is performed by nation states and the activity is the second oldest enterprise in history of human beings

BLACKOPS: unappropriated funds used for government secret activities; not listed in publically-accessible budget records.

BLOWBACK: Unforeseen consequences and events that blow up in one's face, like a like a faulty weapon.


COVERT OPS: Government secret operations.

CULTURAL ILLUSION: The Matrix of covert intelligence operations and their effects that is the true ground of our daily existence. Most of the humans of the planet are caught in the matrix of the cultural illusion using words and terms that have little meaning in in most cases don't even exist. We have even used the word race in the U.S. Constitution meaning that there are different races when in reality there is only one human race on planet earth. There are cultural groups and ethnic groups but in my world the use of the word races is a mis-nomer.

ELINT: Electronic Intelligence

ESOTERICS: In the CIA, such arcane projects as MK Ultra's mind control experiments, psychotronics, NLP, etc. Blue Sky research, such as Remote Viewing, etc.

ESPIONAGE: The preferred term for the collection of information from another when that person, government or nation state especially when they don't want you to have it.

FLASHPOINT: Global hotspots with the potential to flare up into incidents, such as the recent British hostages seized by Iran near Straits of Hormuz.


HUMINT: Human intelligence

 Intelligence collection is broken down into several disciplines called "ints," including:

HUMINT: Human intelligence. The collection of intelligence from human sources, including defectors, voluntary sources, spies recruited to betray their country or organization, prisoners, diplomats, information from allied or liaison intelligence services.

IMINT: Imagery Intelligence. Information gleaned from aerial or satellite photographs of a foreign target, usually a base, factory or other stationary installation, but sometimes troop formations or mass graves.

SIGINT: Signals Intelligence. Interception of communications, sometimes requiring decryption. Can involve satellite or aircraft antennae, the physical tapping of a communications line, bugging of a room or hacking of a computer system. Probably the most important type of intelligence in terms of quantity and quality.

MASINT: Measures and Signatures Intelligence. If IMINT is the eyes and SIGINT the ears, then MASINT is the nose of intelligence. Space-based or airborne sensing devices are used to detect particles in the air, soil composition, water impurities, etc. Can be useful in detecting nuclear tests or determining what is being done inside a factory. Equipment can include laser sensors, optics, infrared devices, radars and radiation detectors. 

TECHINT: Technological Intelligence. Sigint, Comint, Imint, Telint (interception of emissions of radar, radio, telephone, and IT communications; of photograhic, satellite, or radar filming, or the intercepting of telemetric signals).

You can't know the players without a scorecard.
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